U.S. WWII 48 Stars Parade Flag with wooden pole original for color guards

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Here a color guards 48 stars parade flag set from WW2 in nice undamaged condition. its size 130 x 90 cm and a really hard to find item....

Gold fringe American flags are designed for use by the U.S. military. The U.S. military has been displaying for over a century. With that said, neither the U.S. Flag Code nor any other legislation prohibits civilians from displaying American flags with gold fringe.

According to Army Regulation 840-10, American flags with gold fringe should only be displayed indoors and for ceremonial use. This makes sense considering that gold fringe is typically susceptible to weather-related damage. When displayed outdoors, the gold fringe will soak up the rain and humidity, thus making it vulnerable to damage. And when an American flag is damaged beyond the point of repair, it must be retired in an honorable and respectable manner.