U.S. WWII Era Quartermaster Denim Jeans of the 30th years Style US Army Nose Art extra long

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U.S. WWII Era Quartermaster Denim Jeans of the 30th years Style Rockabilly US Army Nose Art extra long. All sizes

Here we offer you a pair of jeans that are true to the original as they were worn by the US Army and civilians in the 30s and 40s. by Lutece MFG With classic adjustment straps in the buttocks area 5-pocket style Buttons at the front - no run-of-the-mill zipper 16OZ Material: 100% cotton, heavy denim cotton fabric, dark blue, extra length to fold up the trouser legs, X-Long=

28 / leg 36

30 / leg 36

32 / leg 38

34 / leg 38

36 / legs 40

38 / legs 40

Here are the dimensions of the individual sizes: Waistband = single waist width, leg = total outside length Size

Size 28: waistband 38cm, leg 115cm

Size 30: waistband 39cm, leg 119cm

Size 32: waistband 41cm, leg 120cm

Size 34: waistband 44cm, leg 121cm

Size 36: waistband 47cm, leg 128cm

Size 38: waistband 50cm, leg 128cm

Size 40: waistband 52cm, leg 132cm

Size 42: waistband 54cm, leg 132cm

Size 44: waistband 56cm, leg 140cm

Reproduction of the heavy work trousers of the US navy or army, 100% cotton, reinforced with rivets, the jeans have retained all the details of their time, in addition to the belt loops also the “cinch back”, the adjustable bar in the back waistband to adjust the width. If the trousers were too wide, you simply tightened the “belt”. The same applied to the length: if the trouser legs were too long, just fold them over a bit. The straight cut is also characteristic. True workwear. Blackened trouser buttons like the HBT trousers