The Quartermaster's first passion was and is the subject of motorcycles. Since he was 14 years old, he has been involved in this topic in his life, both professionally and athletically. In sport (motocross) he made it to Vice World Champion, European Champion and German Champion. Also professionally, various positions as managing director in the motorcycle trade were made. the other life of THE QUARTERMASTER...

THE QUARTERMASTER'S second passion started over 20 years ago with the purchase of a Willy's MB as a classic car. When the vehicle was there, of course non-fiction books newspapers etc. on the subject of Willy's were bought and studied.

Then it all started with a Mussette Bag that was attached to the Jeep. The next years was then started over Ebay USA everything around the topic U.S. WWII equipment uniforms etc. to acquire. Also exchanges like Ciney ,Beltring & Normandy were visited and material was bought. So the largest U.S. collection on the subject of WWII in private hands in Germany!

Also the topic Reenactment was tackled and he was participant 2006 of the trip BACK TO THE BOCAGE with the 2nd Armored in Europe Group . He was also a participant in other trips with the Group in the following years.

Also he was many years in Bastogne in the reenactment true to the original.

Due to the large amount of Orginal Uniforms Deco Weapons & Equipment as well as experience in the next years various film & documentation projects were equipped and advised. This includes e.g.

Hitler's Scientist with BBC England

Airman's Daughter with Spiegel TV

Landauer' the president of FC Bayern

Monument's Men with George Clooney

As a personal highlight THE QUARTERMASTER did a military parachute jump training with the Pathfinder's Holland and

was dropped from a Dakota at known drop zones in Normandy and Arnhem true to the original as in 1944.


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